Online Poker Features

Iron Poker welcomes you with a full suite of online poker features and functionality that will guarantee an exciting time playing at our cash tables and tournaments. Further information is listed below but please download and install our program in order to fully appreciate the Iron Poker gaming experience!

Client Features Table Features
Auto Re-buy in Tournaments Settings
Live Support Four Color Deck
Real-time Game History Full Screen
Real-time Transaction History Hand History Replay Tool
Quick Deposit Functionality Keyboard Play Support
Buddy List Player Notes


Auto Re-buy in Tournaments

You can automatically re-buy into tournaments for uninterrupted game play using this feature. If you have selected this feature, you will automatically rebuy more chips when your stack is finished, or you can set it for rebuying chips when your stack goes below a specific amount. The feature allows you to select one of these two options.

Buddy List

The Buddy List is a way of quickly getting to a table where one of your friends is playing poker. All you have to do is mark him/her as your buddy (by clicking on his/her name tag), and then when you login to Iron Poker, you can do a search for your buddies and see where they are playing.

Four Color Deck

If you have a hard time differentiating between Hearts and Diamonds, or between Spades and Club, you can select the Four Color Deck option. Each of the suits will appear on your poker table in a different color, making it easier to tell them apart.

Full Screen

If you find it hard to follow the game when the tables are small, select our Full Screen option and the game will fill up your entire screen. Get ready for huge poker action!

Hand History Replay Tool

You can replay your game, hand by hand, in a video format by selecting the "Replayer", a Flash-based component for recreating the action. You can access every hand of your sessions in the last 30 days.

Keyboard Play Support

To speed up your game, especially in multi-table poker play, select our keyboard shortcuts. They are located on the betting slider. You'll be able to create "hot keys" for folding, checking, calling, betting, and raising.

Live Support

We're sure that you'll quickly find your way around the Iron Poker software, but if you have any questions, our professional, courteous Live Support Team is just a mouse click away. Chat with one of our representatives in real time, and get answers right away. This service is available 24 hours a day, and all your queries will be answered.

Player Notes

You can keep track of other players and their playing styles by using our Player Notes feature. Simply click on the player's nickname and right click to add a short note about that player. Your note will be displayed every time you sit down to play at the same table in the Iron Poker software. This feature will give you a head start over your opponents.

Quick Deposit Functionality

If at any time the funds in your Iron Poker account are running low, you can click Quick Deposit to finance your account. This feature is available directly from the poker table - you'll never run out of funds!

Real-time Game History

Keep track of your playing history in real time from within the game with this regularly updated record of your past cards, moves, hands, bets, losses, wins and more. Everything is displayed in clear and easy-to-understand graphical format. You'll find this a real help in analysis of your game.

Real-time Transaction History

Keep track of your financial transactions, including deposits, bonuses, and withdrawals, by using this real-time history feature, accessible just a click away in the software itself. Iron Poker is proud to offer this information for your eyes only as part of our standard of transparency and account integrity.

Software Updates

The Iron Poker software is being updated and improved all the time. 


You can customize your game environment by adjusting any of the following options:

Table - view hand strength; show folded cards; remember table positioning; auto muck, auto top-up for cash games; and more.

Avatar - show an avatar, and select a graphic to use as your avatar.

Chat - show dealer chat; show player chat; show player actions; and more.

System - auto login; store hand history locally; auto-open tournament lobby; and more.

Audio - sound; dealer sound; time bank sound; and audio volume.

Time bank - for cash tables and tournaments.

Toast notifications - enable notifications on cash tables and/or tournaments.

Widgets - show Widget bar.

Mult Tables - take focus from other tables, applications.

Cards - choose deck and/or 4 colour deck.

Casino games - use large cards; game speed, and more.

Iron Poker is your place to play online poker - you will enjoy the features we offer in our software, features which are constantly being updated and improved. Have a great time at the tables!