You don't have to be VIP to rake in the cash. Our special Rakeback Unlimited promotion rewards all players - no matter how much they play. The formula is simple: PLAY POKER, GET CASH.


So what do you have to do? Only one thing. You must opt-in in the Cashier. Once you do that, you'll be on the list to receive Iron Poker benefits every week.


It's that simple.

All players can enjoy Rakeback Unlimited.

VIP players get even more.

Here's the Rakeback you will get:                   

VIP Level Rakeback Rate
Bronze Not Eligible
Copper 20%
Silver 20%
Gold 20%
Titanium 22%
Diamond 25%

How it works:

  1. Opt-in to the Rakeback Unlimited promotion via the Cashier > Promo code tab > enter the promo code: RBWEEKLY
  2. Take a seat at your favorite tables and generate as many Iron Points as you can.
  3. You will not earn Club Points, however you will continue to enjoy the latest offers and promotions from Iron Poker.
  4. Get 20-25% Rakeback issued to you in cash every week (Check your status below and see how much you've won so far this week)!

Check Your Status


How to Opt-in:

  • Open the Iron Poker software and log in.
  • Click on the Cashier button at the bottom right corner and then on the Promo Code tab.
  • Enter the promo code RBWEEKLY and start enjoying your weekly Rakeback Unlimited Bonus.

To opt-out of the promotion, enter RBOUT in the Promo Code tab in the cashier



Terms and Conditions

  1. In order to be eligible for the benefits of this promotion, players must opt-in through the Cashier > promo code tab with the code "RBWEEKLY".
  2. Players must be VIP 2 (Copper) and higher in order to be eligible for the Rakeback Unlimited Promotion
  3. Opted in players who are downgraded to VIP 1(Bronze) at the beginning of the month will be automatically opted out of this promotion. Once these players are upgraded back to VIP 2 (Copper) or higher, they will automatically be considered to have opted-in to the promotion.
  4. Rakeback Unlimited cash benefits are credited to eligible players' accounts every Monday (with up to 48 hours delay).
  5. Players that opt-in to Rakeback Unlimited will not generate Club Points but Iron (Status) Points only. By opt-ing in, players will not accumulate Club Points, starting the following Monday of the opt-in.
  6. Players will receive Rakeback Unlimited cash benefits based on the Iron Points generated during each calendar week. A calendar week consists of all game play from Monday to Sunday, Iron Poker server time.
  7. Once players opt-in they will be able to receive weekly cash bonuses starting from the following Monday.
  8. Players' VIP Levels are updated on Mondays. Therefore, the Rakeback rate a player receives will depend on the player's VIP Level on that week's Monday. For example: If you are VIP 2 (Copper) and you generated enough Points to reach VIP 5 (Titanium) on Wednesday, you'll get 20% Rakeback for that specific week. Your VIP Level will then be upgraded to VIP 5 (Titanium) on the following Monday and you will get 22% Rakeback for the following week.
  9. Rakeback Unlimited cash benefits will be awarded based on the Iron Points generated rounded off to an even number.
  10. Players are required to log into their accounts within 7 days after Rakeback Unlimited has been issued in order to use the cash, after this time the bonus will have expired.
  11. Club Points won in VIP tournaments are not considered for Rakeback Unlimited.
  12. Players who opt-in to the Rakeback Unlimited promotion will no longer generate Club Points, however they are eligible for all other VIP program benefits.  Players will be able to access the VIP Store in order to convert Club Points accumulated prior to opting into Rakeback Unlimited, as well as to swap Club Points won in any other promotion or tournament.
  13. Iron Poker reserves the right to amend and/or end this promotion at any time.